Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Casters Make Everything Better

So the last little bit has been busy even though I have converted from being in a full time healthcare career to a full time stay at home mom.  By the way, I love it!  As I mentioned in my post at the beginning of September, I have been trying to get a Handmade Jewelry Business up and running.

On top of that, and the general chaos of running a house with 4 boys, I am trying to do all of the catch up associated to moving into a new home. You know, all of the decorating and completing projects that were on hold due to my full time, out of the home, job.  It is sooo much fun to have a blank slate for new idea though.  I love it - my husband HATES it.  Couldn't be because his honey do list grows?

Even simple little projects have escaped me for awhile.  For example...the family that owned our home previous to us had four little girls.  My boys are still sleeping in beautiful lavendar and pink rooms.  My six year old is offended that this is what he has to endure.  Jeesh!  Don't worry...I have plans for their spaces.

One of the simple little projects that I did (took me all of 10 min.) is complete.  Here's a hint of what it involved.  Casters.  I love these little things.  When you put something on wheels it just makes it a little bit more.;)  I had bought my youngest two a little open book shelf from Walmart.  Eventually, it will be incorporated into the new decor although it doesn't look bad against the pink walls right now - kidding.  The problem was, the book shelf when put between their two beds sat directly over the only register in their room.  Uuugh!  So I put casters on the bookshelf to elevate it and make it a bit more mobile.

And yes, I was washing the sheets when I decided to take these photos so just try to ignore all of the junk you see in them.  If you are like me, it just helps to know that everyone is human and they actually have to do laundry.  This was a simple matter of screwing the casters in place with a power drill.  I didn't even drill pilot holes.  Gasp!

See how this makes it so the bookshelf/bedside table clears the vent?  My mad plan worked perfectly!

And tada!  It is finished, elevated, and moveable.  Now to just convince my boys not to push it down the hall like a skate board.  The fun never ends around here!

Whoops, almost forgot.  The total cost for this was about $50.  That includes the book shelf and all of the casters.  Not my cheapest project but cheaper than most bedside tables.  Plus, there is more storage for all the toys.

Happy Wednesday!


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