Friday, December 9, 2011

Holiday Comforts

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I've mentioned before on this blog that there are certain holidays that I love and others that just aren't my favorite.  I have no problem with Christmas, or at least the true meaning of Christmas.  I'm all about remembering Christ's birth.  However, the commercialism, decorating, and need to buy gifts that often surround this holiday just really becomes overwhelming.  Especially when I have a 3 week old baby to take care of.

For this reason, I've decided  to make my living room decor simple and more natural.  This is a look that makes me feel cozy and warm and really happy with my life.  There are a lot of pictures in this post just because I love how the room turned out so enjoy, hehehe!

Here's my front door with a wreath that I bought a couple of years ago and still love.  Add a little ribbon and I'm done!


I made a trip to Costco and found cedar garland for trimming out my Christmas decorations.  Even better, a huge amount of it was only $15.

I started with a centerpiece made from a white poinsettia and pine cones that I spray painted last year.  Simple white candles and clear glass finished the look.  Also, I didn't replace the green foil on the poinsettia because, again, I'm keeping things simple and it didn't really bother me enough to change it.

Next came the stairs.  I have a short banister that was helped out by more cedar garland, pinecones, and gold ribbon that I got some year previous to this one.  I love how elegant it looks.

I used the same cedar and a few red berries to lay in among my nativity.  I like this whole vignette and the reminder of Christ's birth.

Of course, the top of the piano had to get some dressing up.

More garland, poinsettias and various other things I had hanging around the house.  I also added some sheet music for Silent Night which is my favorite Christmas song.  Plus, my husband can play this one.

The whole room is now finished and warm feeling.

There are just a few more things that make this time of the year special...Hershey's Kisses Mint Truffles (These are actually a substitute for Mint M&M's which can't be found any.where.  Grrrr!)

Homemade hot chocolate.  Mmmmmm.

And finally, nice cushy pillows, a fuzzy, warm blanket to snuggle under, and my Kindle with a good downloaded book to enjoy.

Oh and if you wonder how I keep my boys out of the room, it's pretty much impossible.

My two year old has already been caught pulling branches out of the garland to smack things with.  The dog has been caught doing the same thing, only she chews the cedar boughs.  That's just life around the Black house though which is why these pictures were taken immediately after the decorating was done!:)

However, the boys do have more kid appropriate decorations in the family room which I hope will keep them distracted from this more adult, serene space done just to my taste.

What things bring comfort and joy to your holiday season?

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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

My Morning

This is just a brief run through of the typical morning around my house lately (this is a step by step account for this morning):

Put boys clothes away downstairs.
Find Tommy's reading book from over a week ago under the clothes that were on his bed.
No wonder he wasn't bringing home reading books, since he had never taken this one back!
Get Jack dressed.  
Jack pees more than a grown man all down the wall and all over the changing pad. 
Wipe down wall.
Give Jack a bath instead of just a clothing change.  
Put Jack in a new outfit.
Jack spits up on the clean changing pad cover I just changed.
Go dig a cough drop out of Max's mouth.
Jack spits up again all over his cute outfit. 
Change Jack's clothes again.
Change Max's diaper and get him dressed.
Clean up kitchen.
Finally, eat some breakfast.

I'm sure all of the moms out there have had the same experience and I get ya.  It's all worth it when I look at the cute little faces like this one though. :)

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