Monday, February 28, 2011

Snow, Snow, and More Snow

Just as I was getting excited for spring, we woke up to this on Sunday.

Yeah, that's about a foot of snow.

(Keep in mind this was taken a day after the big drop. Some melting has already occurred.)

Looking out my front door.

I still have to admit that it is beautiful, especially with all of the frosted trees. Everything looks so clean and pristine.

It's just that I'm ready to plan my garden...sigh.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Why Do I Love This Dog?

Look at what I came home to about a week ago.

Yes, that's my husband's shoe, or at least half of it.

Where's the other shoe? It ended up like that first one up there a couple of days ago.

This is the responsible party. He looks pretty innocent, doncha think?! He has made his way to the BAD list this week.

How in the world does he know to eat the $100 shoes? He actually went into the closet and picked both of these shoes out from all of the other cheaper ones and made them his chew toy.

What's wrong with the Payless $10 pair?


Friday, February 25, 2011

Little Find

I found something a little different the other day at the local goodwill (DI, for those Utah peeps who get what I'm talkin' 'bout.)

I don't know what it is that caught my eye. It's a bit rustic, definitely different, and it was only 75 cents. I figured, what the heck, I'll give it a try. What's the worst that can happen, I don't like it and donate it again? I took the $.75 risk. It's just the way I roll, ha ha!

I found some tapered candles and tried this out in a couple of places. This thing is super tall, making placement a bit difficult. I've been looking for an inexpensive lamp for the top of the piano. This may work until I find what I want. Hmmm.

Another view.

Second spot I took a look at was on my entry table/cedar chest. I don't mind this, but I'm swinging more toward the spot on the piano and maybe grouping it with some other taller items.
I also like the contrast the rustic look makes with the traditional piano.

Let me know what you think. Where do you like it? Should I just send it back to DI?

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I'm Feeling Green

I'm sure everyone knows what holiday is the next in line. Yup, St. Pat's Day. This is one that I don't have a.n.y decor for. I have been working on this little problem though.

You're probably asking how I'm going to be using all of this miscellaneous stuff in the pic. Well, Tausha over at Sassy Style Redesign ( did a segment on Studio 5 (a local Utah program that often highlights bloggers) and inspired me to borrow her idea. Thanks Tausha! Check it out!

I got some embroidery hoops from the local DI and then all of my other supplies and materials from Joann Fabrics. On sale, of course.

First one done. I love my sparkly shamrock.

I used a free print for this hoop from Today’s Fabulous Finds. She has a t.o.n. of fun stuff for printing!

The last one is pretty simple. This is just a paper mache (spelling?) letter. I toyed with the idea of spray painting it, but like the natural look. (I'm being lazy too.) Of course, the B is for Black...I'm a sucker for monograms!

I hooked all of these together with a bit of Irish green ribbon.

Here these little beauties are hung on my front door. That middle one is a bit crooked, I'm just telling myself it adds to the charm. I finally took down the Christmas wreath I had hanging there. Soooo.....there's now a little bit o' green in my home.

via interstate

I swear that someday I'm going to get to Ireland and visit. Every picture you see is SO green! I am fascinated with the history there. Mainly, because it's where a lot of my ancestors came from. Go Irish!

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A Marvelous Mess

Sunday, February 20, 2011


I got this Amaryllis bulb at Walmart right before Christmas. It has been a long wait to see it bloom. I absolutely love watching how things grow. It has always been amazing to me how something can start out SUPER ugly like a brown, flaky flower bulb and turn into gorg.e.ous huge red blooms that you can't take your eyes off. I thought I'd share.

Things are getting a good start 2 months after the bulb was planted.

It is just starting to show its potential.

The first beautiful full bloom!

Look at how many there are! This bulb has turned out to be all bloom and no leaves...but I am not complaining. See, just gorgeous!

Here's the spot I keep it in. Right in front of me at the kitchen sink. This way I can enjoy it with my new window treatment (Yes, I made it, without sewing a stitch.), and the Wandering Jew I recently rooted and planted.

(Sorry about this picture, the light coming through this window will.not.allow for a good shot. Aaargh!)

I love having these bright, beautiful flowers in front of me while I'm doing horrible the dishes.:(

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