Me and Mine

Hi All!

Welcome to my little blog that I started basically because I've never been able to keep track of what's going on in my life.  I didn't even do baby books for the three boys.  I figured this might be a fun way of documenting things a bit and it also gives me an excuse to do stuff I've always loved - just to have something to blog about.

I always seem to have too many projects going on at once as well as my three young boys to chase after.  Scattered is the name of the game in the Black house.  For that reason, my blog's topics range from family to recipes, crafts, gardening and DIY home improvement.

I'm a registered nurse and still have my feet in the water just so I don't lose touch with the profession I spent so much time and money investing in.  All four of my boys are under the age of 8 and are typical wild and crazy boys!  I gotta love 'em and do. :)  I hope you enjoy reading about things happening around here and realize that I'm just doing my best to keep up and scrape by.

Thanks for stopping by,

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