Saturday, July 30, 2011

Another Color Spot

Awhile ago we were gifted some used lumber that we figured we could use for projects around the yard.  

This is the first of two or three things we plan to build with our freebies.

The cement pad you see in the bottom right hand side of the following picture is where we had a hot tub sitting.  We had to haul it out because the whole base of the stupid thing was rotting out.  Ever since then, the space has been cement, bare dirt and rocks.  Real attractive huh?


My husband terraced the space, which I though was a pretty brilliant idea, and added some interest with varying heights.  Looking at this picture, I now realize how UUUG.LY that block retaining wall is!

He lined the corners with some chicken wire and landscape fabric so  we wouldn't have dirt washing out from the bottom of the beds.  The dirt came from the never ending pile we had delivered during the springtime and is S.T.I.L.L sitting in the driveway.  Our neighbors love us. ;)

I bought some flowers, and a trumpet vine which I hope will grow up the wall and add some green to all that gray.

We also cleaned up the cement pad to make everything even more attractive.
I love it.  I now have one more space to plant flowers and add color to my somewhat drab back yard/deck area.  Brings a smile to my face!

Here's another view for ya'll to enjoy.

Hope you have a happy weekend!


  1. I love the layered look to the boxes. They would be perfect for a little garden!

  2. That looks fabulous! I love the different heights and the fun splashes of color against the wall.

  3. Looks lovely. More the Merrier Monday will be open until Wednesday at midnight. I would love for you to stop by and link up your garden.

  4. Now, see? I don't think that retaining wall is ugly at am I nuts?

  5. Thanks for all the positive comments! I'm hoping the color will grow if I can keep the puppy out of the middle of the bed! imklv thanks for saying that the retaining wall isn't ugly. It just so happens that it runs the length of my house so I'm sure you'd really love the space, haha!

  6. Nice. We're working on replanting all 5 of our large flower beds so I'm always looking for ideas :) Looks really good!

  7. I love your site! You have a diverse category range and seem to tackle everything "home." I have similar goals with my blog and am looking forward to blogging with you! I love your new pop of color in your garden and would love for you to link your post up at my Savvy HomeMade blog party on Monday at

    P.S. I am a new follower!

  8. I love your terrassed veggie/flower beds, and I have an idea for your backdrop wall: why not add a layer of cement to it, and then paint it in a lovely sunny color? what do you think?


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