Wednesday, December 7, 2011

My Morning

This is just a brief run through of the typical morning around my house lately (this is a step by step account for this morning):

Put boys clothes away downstairs.
Find Tommy's reading book from over a week ago under the clothes that were on his bed.
No wonder he wasn't bringing home reading books, since he had never taken this one back!
Get Jack dressed.  
Jack pees more than a grown man all down the wall and all over the changing pad. 
Wipe down wall.
Give Jack a bath instead of just a clothing change.  
Put Jack in a new outfit.
Jack spits up on the clean changing pad cover I just changed.
Go dig a cough drop out of Max's mouth.
Jack spits up again all over his cute outfit. 
Change Jack's clothes again.
Change Max's diaper and get him dressed.
Clean up kitchen.
Finally, eat some breakfast.

I'm sure all of the moms out there have had the same experience and I get ya.  It's all worth it when I look at the cute little faces like this one though. :)

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  1. Ha!!! Oh, that brings back some memories. Cute little stinkers. I had to change Madelyn's clothes about 7 times a day when she was a newborn...Jack has such an adorable round face!

  2. And I'm sure all this was AFTER getting your older boys off to school, right?

    Jack is such a cutie!

  3. I just had my fourth about six months ago and can ditto all that! True story just now while typing this I looked over and #4 was under the Christmas tree chewing on a salt dough ornament! Good luck! And have a blessed Christmas!


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