Wednesday, February 8, 2012

A Big Weekend

This last weekend was soooo busy but awesome! 

On Saturday we baptized our 8 year old son, Will.  He is getting so seems like just yesterday he was just an infant, and he is now a little man.  We also blessed little Jack on Sunday.
We had all kinds of family in town, which I love.  After several years of living too far away for them to attend all our special events, it is so great to be close enough to have them share such beautiful experiences with us.  I love family and the closeness and comfort that goes along with it.

I just thought I'd share a few pictures that were taken, just because I love them.

"Little" Jack is a bit less than 3 months but fitting into 6 month clothes.  So far, he's still holding the record for my biggest baby.  I absolutely love his cheeks and he gets a lot of kissin' because he is so yummy.

I love the white blessing outfit that grandma bought to make this boy handsome for his big day.  It makes me remember and value how new and special he is. 

I'm going to miss this stage as this is the last little member of the family, so I'm going to eat it all up for the last time!


He gets called Jack Jack quite a bit.  Doesn't the round head remind you of the baby off of Incredibles?  I just hope he doesn't become a flaming monster someday...hehehe!  Really, he is the eas-i-est baby I've ever had even though he's spoiled rotten.


Here we are all decked out together.  I honestly can't believe I have four kids, and that they are all boys.  I wouldn't have it any other way though. ;)  I love all of these guys...that includes my great husband sitting there.

I'm still recovering from the business of the weekend, but have a few projects under way.  Unfortunately, my time to work on them is limited to the weekends because I'm still working like a dog at my paying job.  Catch ya'll later.

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  1. Little Jack looked so adorable on Sunday! I might have to smoosh those cheeks next time I see him.

  2. Congratulations! Your four boys are adorable. We have three and I'm holding out for one more baby--most likely a boy, knowing our luck. Have a great week!

  3. What darling boys! Congrats on fun big days :)




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