Monday, February 8, 2016

My Chalkboard Print

This sounds weird, because it's not my usual start of the week attitude, but thank goodness it's Monday!  This weekend was horrible.  My hubby came home on Friday with a temp of 102 and feeling miserable.  On top of that, I was starting to fight a nasty cold.  Yep, the goomba my kids got last week passed onto  This means that my kids ran wild all weekend long.

Luckily, we are both doing better.  At least we're good enough to get back to daily life tasks without dying.  Now my day today will be spent cleaning my house.  It's amazing what h**ll breaks lose when I am down and out.  Seriously, I'm sticking to my kitchen floor here and I don't want to even talk about the bathrooms.

For all of these reasons, I am going to focus on a project I did around Christmas time and it is now in a conspicuous spot right as you walk in my front door.  I love it THAT much.

It's my framed chalkboard wall hanging thinga majig.  Do you recognize it?

You may have seen something just like it on the Dear Lillie Blog.
I followed a tutorial from Dear Lillie that is super easy.  Honestly, I put the whole thing help from the hubs.  This is a digital download that I got from Dear Lillie as well.  You can go here to look at what she has now.

Why did I do a digital download?  Because I am LOUSY at hand lettering.  Yep, cannot do it.  I am jealous/dislike very much those who have this talent.  I will work on it though.  Under this digital print is a painted chalkboard surface that I can do my own lettering on if and when I develop this talent.  Until then, I'll keep purchasing digital downloads.  I like to get them on sale.  I've bought two so far, and both cost me about $5.00 to purchase.  The printing cost was maybe $3.00 at Staples.  Not bad.  To make the frame to hold the prints, I probably spent $30.00.  I'm not too upset about it because it's a one time cost.  

Here's the print I have in the frame right now.

I like this one because it reminds me that life is good.  Plus, it's pretty generic so I don't have to change it out again any time soon.  Maybe when I do need to I'll be able to do my own lettering.  Meh...probably not.  One more shot that doesn't show my disgusting house.  Isn't it great how you can do that with pictures?

What do you think?  Is this a quick project you want to tackle?  I'm super happy I did!

Happy Monday,


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