Wednesday, April 6, 2011

A Day at the Zoo

We decided about a week ago that we needed to escape get out of our little town and visit the big city.  We really needed a fun family outing.  The zoo was what we chose to do because

1.  It's cheap 
2.  We don't live close to it, so the kids still think it's a cool treat.

We decided to torture my brother and his family by staying with them.  Haha!  They always SAY that they enjoy our visits but I know how chaotic it is to have 5 extra people staying in your home.  They're really good sports though.

Here you can see a bit of arguing going on because there doesn't seem to be enough room on the rhinoceros statue...DARN IT!

My nephew is hilarious and for some reason figured the gorilla statue would like a good smooch.  He's gonna have a way with the ladies someday?! :)

All four actually looking at the camera at the same time and no one is screaming or crying.

Max taking a stroll past the tigers.

He also enjoyed his snacks while someone else did all the work pushing him.  That's my smart!

Finally, Tommy and my nephew caught a peacock preening.

I think everyone had a good time and the trip gave us the little break we needed.
That concludes our little tour of the Hogle Zoo in Salt Lake City, UT.

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  1. That brings back happy memories of me and my hubby taking our girls to the zoo. I think I liked it more than they did LOL.


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