Friday, May 20, 2011

Buttons, Buttons, Everywhere!

Woot! Woot!  I finally figured it out!  I can now make a blog button!

For months I haven't had one because every instruction manual out there left me with a, what the bleep?!, sort of response.  In other words, I have been completely clueless, and just couldn't seem to figure out how to make this stupid little button.

That was until Maryann over at Domestically Speaking spilled her secret about this eHow site which provides (at least for me) very clear instructions on how to add a button to your blog.  Easy peesee!  
Check it out right here.

The only problem is that the art work for your button is something that ya gotta figure out all on your own.  Remember, I'm pretty computer illiterate?  I didn't even know what html code was before I got started blogging.  Haha...I hate admitting stuff like that.

Soooo, this is what I did.  I copied one of the many photos I've taken and saved for my blog and downloaded it to Photobucket.  I then used the nice little editing package on Photobucket to resize, crop, and add text to the photo so it would work as my button.  I know you all probably already new how to do this, but it was my first time.  It took a few tries, but I think I came up with something that I can live with for a bit.

Tada!  Here IT is!

I know it ain't fancy, but it works!  If you haven't figured out how to make a button, try this quick set of instructions.  If I can do it, I think almost anyone can.

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  1. Hey Heather~

    Love the nifty new button!


    Drop By The Tattered Tag

  2. It is totally cute! A very happy button:) I have to admit I am the same way. I didn't even make my own button. My sister in law did. Hehehe, she rocks!

  3. I really think having a button is a great addition to a blog!!

    I am blog hopping today and I am happy to stop by your blog!!

    Please stop by either or both of my blogs (and become a follower if you aren't one already):

    So Stylilized is where I am currently offering FREE Custom Blog Designs at

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    Have a Happy Thursday! :0)


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