Thursday, May 19, 2011

Sam the Cat

Today Sam the Cat has become a H.E.R.O in our house!

Now, I need to explain Sam's history. He is the first pet I ever owned.  He came out of a vets office as a mangy, yes maybe even kitten.  (I know ugly kittens aren't supposed to exist, but he did closely border on this description.)

The thing that saved him is he's always been extremely smart.  He acts more like a dog than a cat, which is why we clarify what he is by stating he is, in fact, Sam the Cat.

This 15 lb. cat has a few nasty habits.  He can't resist peeing on things.  He pees on clothes piled in laundry baskets, sheets that are balled up on messy beds, and for some reason, he can't resist soaking plastic bags sitting on the floor with his bodily fluids.  Also, he HATES, HATES, HATES my husband.  Said husband happens to be mildly allergic to cats so Sam sees it as his mission in life to lay on his pillow in the bed just to see the reaction, I'm sure.  As I said, smart cat?  For this reason, my husband doesn't love Sam so much.

We've controlled some of these bad habits by locking Sam up in the storage room at night which is when he likes to practice many of his obnoxious tendencies.

Despite all of this, he earned his place today...after 13 years.  Just kidding, he's always been wrapped around my heart which is why he still lives.

Today he killed the stove mouse.

Doesn't he look positively nasty?  Well, he really is most of the time.

The stove mouse has been living in the crack in between my stove top and the digital controls on the back of it.  We have been trying for 2-stinking-weeks to get rid of this little bugger with a couple of traps that we thought were strategically placed, but he has avoided them.  Aaargh!

It just gives me the heebee jeebies to think that a mouse is scurrying over my counter tops  where I COOK FOOD, PEOPLE!  Gro-oss!

Well this morning, after Sam was released from confinement, my husband heard a couple of high pitched squeals coming from the family room right off of the kitchen.  He investigated and there was a dead mouse on the floor with Sam strutting away from it, like he was the man!  At least, the cat.

For the first time my husband sang Sam's praises instead of loudly cussing him out!  I knew there was a reason I loved this ornery old cat!  Plus, he didn't even make a mess with the mouse that I had to clean up, other than body disposal, of course.

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