Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Getting Started on the Bathroom

Remember when I spray painted this hardware a week or two ago and left ya'll with a teaser about what it would be going on?

Well, the hardware is reattached and the project it was a part of turned out better than I expected.

You may have guessed by the title of this post that I started work on a bathroom.  Specifically, my master bathroom.

These are the cupboards in the kid's bathroom that still need refinishing.  The master bathroom cabinetry looked like before I got started.  Yeah, more of that old honey oak finish with a peeling poly layer from water damage.

I would have loved to buy an entire new vanity for the master, but again that's just not in my very low budget.  A can of paint and elbow grease will have to do.  Can't say I'm in love with the countertops either.  Oh well...ya do what you can.  At least until you can change it again, haha!

This is after I sanded everything down and got the shiny layer off the cabinets.  I didn't worry that it was completely sanded to the base layer, because I was painting, not restaining.

Gotta love the mess and yeah, that's my trusty fountain Diet Coke to at least give me the energy to get started.

A quick picture of the doors.  Did I mention that they have been leaning against the wall for 2 or 3 months sanded and waiting for paint....and me to get started? 

Pregnancy does have a way of stalling the best plans. :(

I mixed a product called Floetrol with a combined paint and primer from Behr.  I ended up only having to do a couple of coats of paint and love, loVE, LOVE how the Floetrol decreased the brush marks from my paint brush!  

As you can see, I chose black hoping the contrast would make the countertops look better.  I'm thinking it may have worked.

I also added basic satin nickel knobs and pull from the Home Depot (there were no old ones to refinish), and put back on the hinges that I spray painted.  Who needs a new vanity, phftt!?

Side note:  Am I the only one that is driven nuts when builders don't put hardware on cabinetry?  Really, it's not that outrageously priced and it adds sooo much to the look!  
Well, maybe I am, since my house is 20 years old and none of the previous owners put any of this great bling on.  Grrrrr!

This is just my starting point.
  I have plans for the floors, wall color, and other bath accessories!

It's a process in this house, and I promise to show you all the steps along the way.

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  1. The black cabinet looks awesome with the white countertops! Your project turned out great. We have a ton of touching up on trim, windowsills and doors, I will have to check out that Floetrol product. Thanks for the tip!

  2. Thanks for sharing. I am inspired to tackle my bathroom redo.

    Maka'z Home

  3. Great job Heather! What a huge difference! I would like to here more about this new product that you mixed with your paint. Glad to hear that I'm not the only one that NEEDS Diet Coke! Take Care!

  4. Visiting via Delightful Order's linky party. I think the paint job looks fantastic! It's like a brand new vanity!

  5. You did a great job on redoing the bathroom...
    I will be honored if you will add this project in our weekly linking party every Wednesdays at
    Have a great week,

  6. My cabinets are all the same NO hardware, it looks so much better when they do have hardware on them, love the black vanity, I plan on doing our other baths vanity black but I am worried that it will be too dark as we do not have a window in that bath.


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