Wednesday, August 10, 2011


I'm going to do a little show and tell today because I'm a bit proud of the outdoor projects my husband and I have accomplished over the last few months.

WARNING:  This post is a bit long, but we've gotten a lot done, so it had to be, right?

Remember when I was so excited that my husband built these?

Well, this is what the project turned into and I couldn't be happier!

I love it when a plan comes together!  (Name the show that came from.)

Maybe I did pack these great garden beds a bit too much but my vegetables are doing so much better this year than they did last!

Tomatoes, zucchini, and peppers, oh my!

Ok, I know I'm hanging out with my 2 year old a lot and it's rubbing of.

Here's another angle, green and beautiful, at least inside the landscape timber. I also realize that we need to do more work on the areas surrounding the garden beds. 

A little at a time and we'll get there. 

Jeesh, we do live in a dessert after all, so this is a small miracle!

Here was the start of another project I showed ya at the beginning of the summer.

Can you say ME-ESS!

This is where it is now.  

The grass has been reseeded...twice, and I've actually planted some flowers.

Everything needs to grow in for another year.  Plus, it doesn't help that there has been a huge bug problem this summer.  They have pretty much eaten the petunias I planted down to the ground.

This fall, or maybe next spring, I plan on adding some bushes and perennials to this bed for more green and color.

I love this time of summer in my yard, simply because the potted plants are at their showiest.  I love the color they give to any space you put them.

This pot and it's twin have a home by my front entry.

I'm sad to know that they'll only last for about another month or so.:(

Then I get to switch over to fall chrysanthemums! :)  I can see my husband roll his eyes as he reads this...I have a bit of a flower addiction.

We're hoping to get a few more things done before the real cold of winter hits and the new kiddo arrives. 

It all depends on how I feel during the last trimester, and how busy fall soccer season becomes.

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  1. Your pots look great and I like to switch out my flowers seasonally too. You guys have accomplished a lot - really like your raised beds too!


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