Sunday, September 4, 2011

I Copied

Ok, ok, so yeah, I copied! I have been dying over all of the cornice tutorials out there. Especially all of the ones done with foam board and I just had to try it out for myself.

This is my little tutorial on what I did that seems to have worked.  Fingers crossed!

I took a little trip down to my local HD for some standard foam insulaton that cost me about 3 bucks a piece.

I used what was close at hand, which happened to be the miter saw that my husband had been using on another project, to cut it to size.

These were my other construction materials T-pins, standard nails, and hot glue.

I used the nails basically because I knew I would run out of T-pins with this project and didn't want to run back to the craft store.

My cornice was going to be pretty wide so I actually had to join two pieces together to make the front piece.  I did this 1st, by hot gluing the joint and 2nd, pushing the nails into the foam to "stitch" it together.

Here you can see me pushing the nails in at an angle.  I'd push one in from the left and then rotate and put one in on the right.

It seems to have done the trick.

I basically did the same thing for the sides.  I wasn't worried too much about the whole thing pulling apart because the material is so lightweight.

I also figured that the batting and material I planned on using would reinforce everything.

I did put a very thin layer of batting between the fabric and foam.

The upholstery I used for the cornice is the green swirly piece in this pic.  The other two fabrics, I plan to use as accents.

I also ended up  having to piece together the material.  I did this at my corner joints with some nice sticky iron on tape.  No sewing here!  At least not yet.

Here is how the cornice looks done and put up. 

I'm impressed with how well it worked.  I secured it to the walls with corner brackets.  One side of the bracket was screwed into the dry wall and the side for the cornice was, again, secured with T-pins.  I'm learning to love those little buggers.
I think I'm going to make some panels for the window too, but I couldn't wait to show you the progress so far.

I don't think I mentioned why this room is getting some updates.

It's all in preparation for the newbie coming in about 3 months.  His big brothers (who used to have this room) got moved down to the basement, and for now this is going to be my guest bedroom. 

However, soon it will be my 2 year old's room/guest room.  This will all happen when the new one moves into the crib (I usually keep my newborn in a cradle in my room for awhile).

I'll then be redecorating just a bit.  CrAZy eh?  What I love about the cornice is that I can swap out the fabric VERY easily to make it more little boy appropriate!

Want to see something  Here's the rest of the room.

I have to get the rest of the boy stuff out, make the bed, of course and swap out accessories.  I can't believe I'm showing you this picture.;) 

This all needs to be done in the next 4 days in time for company coming.

Does anyone else leave these kind of projects 'til the last minute?
Something's got to happen with these shelves!  I hear spray paint calling my  name!

Right now it seems like we have about 4 projects going on at once.  Eeek!

Busy is good...I guess.

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  1. It looks great! I love that you can swap out the fabric, and the price is awesome!

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