Wednesday, September 28, 2011

What a Mess!

For the last two days SOLID I have been working on filing. I'm sure you're asking, "Heather, why would a little filing take you two days?" 

The answer would be....I haven't done any filing in over two years.  This is embarassing to admit, but some of the papers were from 2008.  They were older than my youngest child!  Also, I still haven't actually filed anything.  All I've managed to get done is separating the paperwork into trash, shred, and file piles.
Today, I've been working on getting the massive shred pile actually shredded.  See that full bag there?  Well I actually ended up with THREE of those.  Pathetic, right?  I filled a tall kitchen trash can with the trash pile.  Good news is, the filing pile should only take me an hour, ok maybe two, to complete.

What, you may ask, prompted this clean out and organization?  Well, remember the boys closet we needed to create.  That was where I stored my stash of papers I just couldn't be bothered to file.

This picture is from a year ago.  Imagine the now banished pile spreading across the entire shelf and 3/4 of the way to the top of the next one.  I also had another pile in an upstairs hideaway. 

People like me should really never have closets, the temptation to stockpile crap there is just way.too.tempting! 

Well, everything is now shredded and cleaned up so I'm not crazy ornery anymore. I really, really, really, hate anything associated with paperwork. My family has been tiptoeing around me for 2 days. 

Tomorrow I get to concentrate on some more fun things that are actually getting done around here.  Plus, I'm publicly committing that I'll get the filing completed within the next week.  I also never want it to get that out of control again...wonder how long my new commitment will last?  Honestly!

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