Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Just Little Stuff

So lately I just haven't felt like tackling any of the bigger projects around the house that need to get done. Could be because it's cold, or the kids and I have been sick, or I'm just feeling a little lazy. Instead I've just been working on little quick and easy projects that I thought I'd share. For me, little projects like this are fun and have instant gratification, which is even better!

I got this old basket from the DI for a buck. For the longest time it just sat looking blah, blah, blah and brown, brown, brown. YUCK! Looking at this picture, I can't believe I left this sitting on my kitchen table as the CENTERPIECE. (Crazy, I know!) To give myself some credit, I had just finished with my kitchen makeover that you can read about here.

Soooo, I broke out my can of white spray paint! I think this looks a lot better, and lets face it, not quite so ugly! Plus, it worked perfectly for a fun little winter/Valentine's Day basket.

The next thing I decided to redo was this breakfast tray I have had since I got married 8 yrs. ago. It has been sadly neglected and folded up in a corner. It used to sit on an ottoman that I no longer have and was a bit dinged and scratched. I was going to remove the legs and just have a tray, but after looking closer, I decided I would ruin the tray portion trying to get the stupid legs off!

I sanded things down a bit with some 150 grit sand paper, and then pulled out my handy dandy white spray paint. (I just can't get enough of spray paint.) I love how versatile trays are for displaying vignettes:

Or for an actual breakfast or tea tray. By the way, this is obviously staged, as I don't ever have time to sit with a hot beverage and least I don't remember the last time I did this!

I think eventually I want to stencil the bottom of this tray to add a little bit more pattern and color. It all depends. Gotta roll with it.

Finally, I have been drooling all over these crepe paper balls that I saw on the House of Smith's site ( first and am now seeing e.v.e.r.y.w.h.e.r.e.! I had to try my hand at one. This has taken me FOREVER. This one little ball. I found the little pedestal it is sitting on at the DI again for a dollar. It's really a candlestick, but I thought I could use it in several different ways. Here's my fun little ball paired up with a bunch of candy for V-Day.

Ok. That's pretty much it. That's all I've gotten accomplished but I swear I'm gonna get off my butt at some point and tackle those big things looming over me! Maybe when the weather warms up?

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  1. you are so nice! BTW I love what you did with some white paint, seriously awesome job!

  2. So fabulous! I am jealous of every one of your creations! Do you know how long I have been looking for a breakfast tray? Remember how I am a total freak about my bed? Well-I have wanted to add a tray to it-to make it feal really bed and breakfasty. I know-who does that? Also-how the heck are you spray painting in these frigid temps? If you have a secret that allows you to paint and have it dry in a timely manner while it is winter-you must share!!! And your basket-what a great shape!! The little glittery hearts that are kind of cut out-where did you get them? I have seen them all over blogland and I really need some. I can't be left out!! Thanks muchly for your kind words about the ruffle info. It took me forever because I kept re-writing it and worrying that it didn't make sense. So, it made sense? pleae reasure that me did.:) ps-I love your facebook and twitter buttons. Could I use them on my blog, possibly? One more nosey question-then I will shut up, promise. Where do you live here? I would love to meet you and do lunch sometime-if your local-ish to me. Let me know!!

  3. Tausha and Sarah, thank you so much for the compliments! I am flattered by them considering the experience you both have.

    Tausha, I'm just crazy painting in my garage when it is in the teens. Anything for a new project! No secrets, I just take forever to get projects done so dry time has not been an issue so far. I got the glittery hearts at Joann's on sale. I think they cost me a couple dollars...not bad for lots of glitter. Your ruffle tutorial made total sense, and I love how easy it looks...I'll definitely give it a try. I don't care if you use my FB and Twitter buttons. However, I'm still waiting to hear from Thrifty Decor Chick. I kinda of borrowed her code and THEN realized I should ask permission. I am bad, bad, bad and hoping she is ok with it. If not, I'll have to remove them. I live in Cedar City, so I'm 3 1/2 hours south of SLC. I do make trips up every so often and would love to have lunch sometime! I appreciate you becoming a follower of my fledgling blog. I let you know on the buttons.:)

  4. I LOVE the V-day tray! So cute and creative :)




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