Saturday, February 5, 2011

Laundry Room Clean Up

I decided that I needed to do at least one clean up project for the New Year, but I also knew that it couldn't be too involved or I'd lose interest and never get it done. Traci over at Beneath My Heart inspired me to tackle my laundry room. About 6 months ago, I decided to paint this room since it looked like it hadn't been painted since the house had been built back in '92 (Really, I don't think it had.). I stuck with a neutral color and painted all of the cabinets white. Believe it or not, the cabinet boxes were still bare wood. No one had ever bothered painting them. The door just had primer on it and the casing was a bright yellow. The space had just never been loved.

This room also is the only bathroom on the main floor, and partially serves as a mudroom because you walk into it from the garage. What I'm trying to say is that this really is a multipurpose room and tends to have a multipurpose mess to go with it. Stay with me, there are a ton of pictures in this post.

My little shadow Max way down in the corner loves to go through the drawers and spread their contents e.v.e.r.y.w.h.e.r.e!

The kids hang their backpacks up in this room, and homework folders tend to end up wherever they get tossed.

Isn't this space under the sink GROSS! My son flooded the bathroom a few months back and the contact paper peeled right up, since it was sopping wet, and I've never gotten around to replacing it. Yes, those are my dirty cleaning rags that are tossed under there until I get around to washing them. Ooooh the embarassment! Hahaha!

Just a bit of clutter doncha think? I love the piles of mismatched socks. Is it just me, or does someone else have a little gremlin who loves to steal socks so that you ALWAYS have a mismatched pile?

Aaaah! I'm getting there, everything is cleared off and wiped down in this area.

All of the towels and cleaning supplies are back in their place and the toys and stuff Max pulled out for me are where they should be.

I straightened out this cupboard by putting all of the socks that I'm hoping will eventually find their match in the nice little white pail I got for a buck at the DI. The gold metal container still holds all the spare change that turns up. I organized all of the light bulbs that were on the top shelf. Can you believe I threw away 4 boxes of light bulbs that don't fit ANY of the light fixtures in my house? What a pack rat!

I laid down shelf liner in the space under the sink. It doesn't gross me out so much now. I also washed my dirty rags. I still have to find a small container to put those rags in so they don't just sit in the bottom of the cabinet. I'm waiting until I find a good deal though. Cheap could be my middle name!

I also hung up all of the extra jackets that aren't worn everyday to decrease the volume of stuff sticking out from the wall. This looks great now, but I know it won't stay that way once the boys are home with their coats and backpacks. Any suggestions? As you can see, my space is narrow but I don't really have anything better. Also, what do you think, should I paint this mirror white or leave it with the finish it has? I'm debating it.

This is one of my favorite things in this space! It is bright and fun and makes me smile. Something that doesn't happen very often when I'm in this space doing laundry (smile that is). Laundry that is coming out my ears ALL-OF-THE-TIME! That's about it, not really exciting but I feel better with just a bit of organization in one area of my house! Let's hope it stays this way for a bit.

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  1. Yes, yes, yes! You get it! You have to have a neat area to enter. I love how you cleaned up your laundry room/entry way. I'm working on a post about sprucing up your entryway right now.

    BTW, thanks for the sweet tweet about my blog. ;-)


  2. It looks beyond fabulous!! I am jealous of this space! I only have a closet. :( I too love your rug and your cute vinyl. Ha! I need to come up with some sort saying about turning your pants the right side out,and if you don't, then you will turn into a hairless rat. You know, some sort of soft, loving, furry animal. :) I was thinking about your storage problem. Don't all kids throw stuff on the floor? I have a board of hooks. A bord-about 10 of them are on this thing. I also have one in the garage with pegs. They both are fabulous! Simple to make-all you need to do is find a piece of wood-mdf thickness-ish-paint and then drill in hooks. I have found that the more hooks there are, the more likely that there will be more than for 1 for each person. Seems to work at our house. also-I see that you have a bathroom door-what about a shoe holder hanging on the door to hold gloves, etc. One thing that works really well for us-indiv. cork boards and clip bloards. they hang side by side in the kitchen. Each girlie has on of each that is decorated all cute and stuff. I just bought 2 large cork boards at the DI cut it up. I covered with fabric and glued random trinkets to push pins. I glued buttons, foam hearts, rosettes etc. But since you have boys, maybe plastic bugs, cars, etc. Also-if you have some smaller mcdonalds toys or seomthing-that might work too. One more thing and then I will shut up! When I was at the grocery store yesterday-they had cupcakes in the bakery with plastic footballs on them. I asked if they sold these and she said yes. They were 10 cents each! I know it sounds weird, but check the bakery. Hope your foot feels better. I too am a lover of percocet. Stupid feet!!!

  3. Oh it looks great! I only WISH I had laundry on the main floor, so jealous:) And its a great space really it looks so much better than what I have going on over here that is FOR SURE!

  4. that looks wonderful!!! i would love to have a laundry room one day... it looks beautiful and i love the rug!

  5. Very nice! Neat, tidy, and organized! It's got quite a lot of uses, too! You did a great job and I'm sure if feels great to have it nice and organized now!

    Becky B.
    Organizing Made Fun

  6. thanks for leaving a comment on my laundry room @remodelaholic! i appreciate it!
    i love your funny vinyl & fun rug!

  7. Nothing wrong with a ton of pictures! That area rug would make me smile too! Loving the script on the wall.....

    Take care,

  8. looks like a whole different room! great job!
    i just use an old ice cream bucket for my dirty rags :)

  9. Oh I love that Laundry Today or Naked Tomorrow, that's awesome!

  10. Awesome! Thanks for linking to the laundry room re-do.

  11. Where did you get the rug? LOVE it!

  12. Lindsay, I think I got the rug on a clearance sale at Target so I doubt it would still be available...sorry!


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