Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Loved My Time Off!

I am back from my mini vacation to Sun Valley, ID. and it was great! 

The scenery was GOR.GEOUS!  Even better, it was a kid free weekend (thanks grandma)!
Honestly, with me being about 36 weeks pregnant and my husband having a nasty cold, this was a pretty low key, low activity vacation.

We found this country road that sported beautiful gold leafed aspens, amazing lodges, and hot springs after a nice breakfast at a local restaurant called Perry's.

Next we took a short, ok, veerrry short 2 mile hike up Bald Mountain Trail and took in a gorgeous view. 

I'm definitely going to need to go back sometime and get to the top of this trail that has a lookout.  It is a little frustrating that I didn't complete the hike, but poor lung expansion due to my huge belly and the need for oxygen slowed me down just a bit.

I just couldn't get enough of all the places to just sit and enjoy within 5 minutes of our hotel.  Usually, there is a ton of entertainment and events happening in the area.  It is a pretty big ski, mountain biking, and you name it, outdoor activity destination.

We happened to hit the area in the off season, so there wasn't much going on but it almost felt like we had the place to ourselves.  Quiet is the best description I can come up with and the best way to enjoy views like this one.  Of course, that's my unsolicited opinion.;)

The pictures above and below were taken standing on a bridge over the river.  It was pretty much just us.

I am so ready to get rid of the extra weight I've put on everywhere, including my face.  Ok, ok, moving on.

This little pond is right outside of the Sun Valley Inn where we were staying.  It is surrounded by big grass fields, an outdoor swimming pool and plenty of cute shops and gourmet restaurants.  Supposedly the lodge has a great day spa, but it was closed for maintenance.  

Oh well, next time.  We probably could have just stayed here all weekend and had everything we needed to enjoy ourselves.

A shot of the back entrance.

This just gives you an overall feel of the area...very European chalet.  At lease what I imagine European chalet would look like, haha!

It was the perfect chance to relax and just spend time together.  Loved it!

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  1. What a great inn, Heather! Love the way it looks. It looks like you had great weather, too! I'll bet it was a nice walk, even if you feel like you didn't get very far.


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