Friday, January 7, 2011

Home Remodel

Ok, I have already posted the photos of our involuntary remodel to Facebook. Our "water leak" or epic flood, whichever you prefer, happened pre-post, but I did scrounge up a few photos that show the chaos we endured for a few (9) weeks. I'm not going to complain as we have a MUCH prettier home than we did pre-epic event! In review, the flood took out the entire kitchen, the family room floor, the living room floor, and the basement room where the ceiling crashed in (which happens to be what woke my hubby up while he was sleeping in the recliner). I guess the sound of rushing water is soothing and that is why he slept like a baby until things got really bad. :( Oh, and I happened to be upstairs taking a bath and thought the odd sounds I heard were from the high winds we had that night. BTW this all happened at 10:00 p.m. Fun, fun, fun!

Now, lets start with the family room. Here is the before:
The only thing replaced in here was the carpet, thank goodness! It was an old grey berber.
And the after:I know you can't really see this carpet, but I LOOOOOVE it. It is a cut pile berber and the spills, of which we have had many with 3 boys, just bead up on the surface and wipe right up!

The kitchen was the biggest makeover, but I like it so much better than what we had. It is so warm, but clean feeling.

Here is the before:
Aren't the honey oak cabinets beautiful? They did match my table from the same era. This was taken after the countertops were removed but the next pic shows you what they looked like. Wavy, white, tile.
Beeeuuutiful! And then there were the floors....
I really, really, really hated these blue linoleum floors! But this is what I ended up with:
Yes, those are new granite countertops, and yes, new shaker cabinets with actual hardware on them. I haven't had any kitchen hardware for years, it makes my heart happy.:) And now the floors:
Beautiful dark hardwood (well, engineered wood) floors! You can't tell from the pic but they are a fairly rustic, handscraped style, which I figured would likely hide scratches from dogs, kids, husband, etc. thanks to wood putty and black sharpies and I was right! The only problem is that they are 3 in. planks instead of the 5 in. The floors were installed while we went out of town for the weekend and I came back to the WRONG thing! After talking to the floor supplier, they agreed to give me the materials for free if I would keep the floors they installed. I saved enough on the floors that I was able to get the granite countertops, makes me like the floors a lot!

This las pic, as you may have guessed, is the living room. The floors in here used to be a blond laminate. Sooooo, I now have these gorgeous floors through both the living room and kitchen. Bye, bye broken up flooring of blue linoleum and ugly laminate....HELLO beautiful, rich dark, chocolaty flooring! Yeah!

We are so happy with the results and it has motivated me to tackle other projects in the house that will help with the pretty factor. I have named some of these in a previous post and will blog on them as progress happens.

Thrifty Decor Chick


  1. Everything looks so nice! I love your kitchen and especially that curtain peeking out :)

  2. What a gorgeous kitchen - love white cabinets. You got yourself quite the deal on the floors. I could definitely handle my second choice if i got the wood for free. It looks fantastic. We put in smooth hardwood in our family room last year and I think I would do the rustic one next time.

  3. Talk about a silver lining! I love the updates, and yay for granite counters!

  4. Thanks for all of the positive comments!

  5. I love deals like that! your floors are gorgeous as is your kitchen! Beautiful job!

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