Monday, January 17, 2011

My Best Mess

In honor of the link party over at Decor Chick, I decided to show everyone my real home and real mess. With my three boys, two dogs, and cat, it is impossible for my house to stay picked up and clean for very long. I really do sweep, vacuum, pick up, and wipe things down on a regular basis. Really, Clorox wipes are My Best Friend. It takes a lot of the ewe factor out of things the kids and animals spread around.

I do admit though that paperwork is my downfall. Filing - HATE IT! Take a look at the cabinet I stuff all this paperwork into. I think this is the whole last year's worth of bits and pieces of paper I shouldn't get rid of. I would rather throw it away than file it...darn it!

Next is my constant, non closetable - I know, not a word - mess in the toy room. This room is in my basement and is also my guestroom. For this reason, it usually, gets cleaned up (you guessed it) when I have guests.:) It seems like I clean it up, turn around, and the toys are everywhere again! Blah! I do intend to go through and get rid of broken toys and donate those that don't get used much...just after I do the filing...hahahaha!

So now ya'll know how real I can be. You have seen the messes I don't let anyone else see. A little embarassing, but I hope it all sounds familiar to someone else out there!



  1. Hahaha don't be embarrassed! You should see my car with all of my mail on the floorboard and in the seats. Arghh! I totally should have posted that pic in my post today. Oh well. :) Thanks so much for linking up and showing us all your mess! :)

  2. I totally forgot about my car...gasp! You reminded me I really do need to vacuum out all of the Cheerios and crumbs!


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