Sunday, March 20, 2011

Do Over

This is what I used to have in the mini hallway you enter from my garage.

It just wasn't quite doin' it for me.

I wanted something that I could still hang my keys up on but I also needed some type of message center.
Inspiration struck when I found this cabinet door at the thrift store for $3.00.

Are you getting where I'm going with this?

I ripped the poster off of the front.

Sanded with my hubs orbital sander.  This was a five minute job that I procastinated for about 3 weeks because I HATE to sand.

I taped off the edges and spray painted the center with chalkboard paint.

After that, a couple of coats of red, semi-gloss paint went on the edges. 
(I already had the paint leftover from painting my u.g.l.y. front door last summer.)

Now this is what you see when you walk in from the garage.

I know you've seen a T.O.N. of chalkboard projects, but this is new for me and I love how it works in my space.

Recognize these hooks?

They came off what was hanging hear earlier...just needed some different screws that would work with the cabinet thickness.

I had this little glass thingamabob on a magnet board.  I put a screw in the wall and then hot clued it to the head of the screw.

Tie some grosgrain ribbon into a cute little bow over it and we're playing dress up!

Now I have my message center with hooks for keys.

 I'm liking this look just a bit more than the picture with the small spot for keys.

This little board has attitude.  Especially, considering I only spent about 6 bucks on it!  I might need to lower the bow just a bit though.

It's always something, ain't it?

Ok, it's a day later, and I fixed the bow.

Did you really think my OCD self would let that slide?

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  1. Very nice! Love the thrift store, if only I could find me some!

  2. I love the red paint! Cute chalkboard! (I am cursed with OCD's a hard life ain't it!) :)

  3. That looks great! You did an awesome job. I do like a good chalkboard! Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a very sweet comment...made my day.

  4. Such a cute idea! Thanks for sharing!

    Thank you for stopping by my blog today!

  5. I love it. I have been looking for that type of door so I can make a chalkboard menu sign...i guess i need patience lol. this turned out great!

  6. Super cute, Heather! Perfect spot for leaving notes/reminders! Love it! Thank so much for sharing! ;)

    Happy Spring!

  7. Love it heather! It looks awesome!!

    Love your guts

  8. Wow!! Great makeover and so useful too. Thank you for linking up to my K.I.S.S. blog bash last week. This weeks blog bash is in full swing again!! If you haven't already please be sure & link up more of your creativity, I look forward to seeing all your great ideas. :)

    Drop by The Tattered Tag


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