Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Hang On!

Some of you may have noticed some weird thing happening to my blog and are thinking, what the h.e. double hockey sticks?!

Well I'm trying to make some changes to my blog to make it a little more user friendly all by my little old self.

I am NOT an expert at all this HTML crap and it makes me feel a little like this:


I would love to hire someone to do all of this stuff for me, but life just ain't that easy.

Because I'm on the edge (mwahahahaha!) please be patient with me.

I'll eventually get things figured out....I think. :)

So just hang in there with me.

Thanks a bunch!


  1. I hear ya. That's why my blog is under a state of perpetual construction. Good luck!

  2. LOL! I hear ya! Now I have figured out some of the basics I have way too much fun changing my color scheme out etc. I think your blog looks great and I look forward to following you. :)

  3. I need to fix mine too, but I am going to hire someone to do it. If I mess up with paint, I can paint over it. If I mess up with the technical stuff I will probably lose my whole blog and blow up my computer...
    Good luck!


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