Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Max's Mug

I'm just showing off a little of what I did with the picture of Max that I posted yesterday.

I just can't get enough of him.

Even when he is being a raging stinker! (Like today.)

This was the original:

I love both of these but am a suck-er for black and white!

By the way, I am a horrible photographer so go ahead and laugh at my attempts, but I'm not going to stop trying!  You'd laugh even louder if you saw the point and shoot camera I'm working with. :)

Linking this up to:

Sweet Shot Day

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  1. It's not the camera Heather; it's the photographer & I think you capture fantastic shots!

  2. Who could possibly take a bad photo when your subject matter is so stinkin' cute!!!!????

  3. I think your photo is great. I love black and white too. Thanks for linking.

  4. Max is certainly darling, Heather, and looks like he could do no wrong!

  5. What a sweet sweet boy! Love the picture!


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