Thursday, March 3, 2011

My Fa-vor-ite Space - In Review

So there's a party goin' on!

Love Stitched is letting us show off our kitchens.

I know I've posted on this room in my house before, but just 'cause I LO-OVE it I'll do a little review.

Besides, it's my party and I'll post if I want to. Sound familiar?

As a reminder, this kitchen got a face lift after a pipe burst under the sink. By this small miracle, I got something that I like a whole lot better.

I still love my white cabinets and cookies 'n cream granite countertops. Stay with me as I bombard you with a ton of pictures. I can't help sharing...just want to spread the love!

This retro inspired track light was obtained through my friendly Home Depot. Plus, it was A TON cheaper than installing a bunch of can lights...I gotta work with what I have people.

The bridge faucet came from my friendly neighborhood Home Depot too. We chose the ORB look because it provided some contrast to all the white.

The little light above the window used to be gold. A little spray paint totally altered the look.

I've shown the window covering before but I (always) have to brag that I made this all-by-myself. :)

I'm in love with my dark wood floors despite all of the dog hair and crumbs that show up so beautifully against it. I chose black appliances because we couldn't stretch the budget to include stainless steel and I like them better than white. (The dishwasher was the only thing we didn't replace but I think it kinda blends with the cabinetry.)

This peninsula has become a great prep space for the cooking I hate love to do for my family. (Just kidding...I really do enjoy cooking and baking as you can tell from some of my posts.)

Here's a shot of my generous pantry and yet another great space. And no, I'm not going to show you inside of the pantry because I have to maintain my well organized image...hee, hee!

(To see more before and after pics of the remodel head here.

So we went from this blah bust, to yummy goodness.

I love this room and it is the hub of my home. I have been on the lookout (only for a farm style table and I'll show off the dining area of the kitchen once I find it.

Looking at this room and getting to work in it makes me a very happy mom, wife, housekeeper, financial analyst, personal shopper, family organizational consultant, etc. (You get the idea, right?)

Check out all the other beauties at:

I decided I'd share with one more spot:

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  1. I looooveee your counter tops!!! Gorgeous! Okay, actually I looooove your whole kitchen!

    -Ally from

  2. LOVE IT! Never thought I would be happy about a pipe bursting but HELLO! You did an amazing job, everything looks great. BTW I will fill you in on all of my local connections later this week but you can always go to or and find them in your area.

  3. I love what you have done in your kitchen. It is so cute!!! The before pics are so much like my kitchen before I put in hours and hours of sweat and is so worth it though. I can tell you put a lot of time into this space and it turned out better than amazing!

  4. You did a wonderful job on your kitchen re-do! It's beautiful!

  5. I love your kitchen! You did an awesome job!
    Where did you get the rug that's in front of your sink? I'm looking for one for my kitchen and can't find anything I like but I love the one you found.

    Lori : )
    Thrifty Decor Mom

  6. I love the combination of the white cabinets with the dark floor - great job! :-)

  7. What a big change! Looking at the picture, I would never guess that it fell victim to pipe bursting. You have done an impressive job with your kitchen. Well, I hope that pipe bursting incident will not happen again.[Elia Lester]

  8. The pipe burst must have been due to frozen pipes. This is common during winter, when ice formed inside the pipe and the blockage causes water pressure. Remember to check on your pipes during this season, especially those pipes in the attic and outside walls; they are the most vulnerable to freezing.


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